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"Sales Mantra helped us to boost our
sales and manage our resource effectively."

Leading Medical Technology & Solution Company
"We found this web based software very useful & comprehensive consolidated data helps in keeping track of every activity of the sales executive with individual customer even in remote location."
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Leading Automation labeling, Coding & marking solution provider
General Manager
"We feel that this system is a must for having any organization with more then five sales persons and more than one hundred prospects specially if the products has a good gestation period."
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Leading Industrial Instrumentation and Panel Engineering Company
"Sales Mantra helps to get reports of complaints and their status. Its able to fulfill our service need. "

Leading Auto Garage Equipments
"Sales Mantra is a web based and user friendly. We manage our complete sales and service process from the software. "
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Leading Inverter and Batteries Manufacturing Company
"Sales Mantra is very user friendly and with the help of software able to manage customer database. "

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Leading Analytical, Environmental and Biotechnology Instruments Company
"With the help of Sales Mantra we get real time reporting and check performance with target report "

Biological Company
"It is very cost effective and provide free up gradation "

IT Hardware Company
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High Turnover of Sales People that can Loss of Sales Opportunities if Sales Pep Quits his job the Solution of this Challenges attrition in Sales Force can be Managed without Loss...
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Business ChallengesOur Solution
High Turnover of sales people Attrition in sales force can be manage without loss of business...
No. of days spent in Sales Process. Sales rep. could get into the sales process day..
Maintaining Sales data. Multiple approach to a prospect by difficult division/sales...
Analysis Lead to order Failure. Record conversion of lead into sales call and tracks...
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Mobile Apps.
Put your workplace in your palm and stay connected to your business wherever you go...
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Incitant Allocation Of an Opportunity to your Sales Representative.
  • "To do List" & "Alerts".
  • Non Selling time wasted in travelling/waiting etc can be utilized effectively.
  • Real time information with the management.
  • Quick quotation submission.
  • Customer Feedback for service & his Digital Signature.
  • Complaint Managment
  • Add Enquiry
Read more the mobile apps. ...
Why Sales Mantra ?
Keeping growth pace with Changing Business Needs:
Why sell to Only One when you have a potential of selling 10 or more at the same time with same employee strength?
In today's dynamic market pace, organizations have to be in pace with the newly emerging trends and practices. The cost of NOT ADOPTING THESE TRENDS AND PRACTICES may even negate the efforts being made towards the growth of business.

Are you still using the old / traditional way of managing your business & facing challenges to grow your business, SALES MANTRA CRM software solution is a

1-Stop Solution
  • If it's the Lost Revenue due to EXPLOYEE ATTRITION RATE !
    SALES MANTRA preserves the Complete Contact & Follow up History.

  • If it's the INACCURATE PROJECTIONS, causing unnecessary inventory !
    SALES MANTRA generates Sales Projection & Sales Funnel Report to forecast accurately.

  • If it's LOSING SALES OPPORTUNITIES because of lack of Timely Follow Up !
    SALES MANTRA gives constant Alerts and Reminders.

  • If it's your increased service cost due to UNVIABLE SERVICE CONTRACTS !
    SALES MANTRA will give you most Accurate AMC Profitability Report.

SALES MANTRA CRM is an online software solution supported by Mobile Apps too, it readily delivers crystal clear perspective in terms of market to the management on a fast changing environment in terms of product requirement, product capabilities, pricing and organization strength. Hence, your real time business summary remains in your palm, WHEREVER YOU GO... Don't wait for things to happen. Rather, make them happen.

Analysing and Reporting.......

Presenting reports which you can generate from the system every morning, enabling you to direct your business with complete and most accurate information.

  • Sales Prospects Summary Reports
  • Sales Prospects Funnel Reports (Hot, Cold, Exploratory)
  • Sales Projection Reports (Weekly, Monthly, Bimonthly)
  • Target v/s Achievement Report
  • Complaint Status Reports
  • Value Addition Report
  • Expense Report
  • Orders pending for shipment Report
  • Order Received Report

All the above reports can be seen branch wise,
employee wise as well as product
wise with their count and
values sales challenges
customer relationship management
Sales Management

Enquiry Management
Competitor Analysis
Generate Quotation
Order Win/ Loss Analysis
Target V/S Achievement
sales management The business is all about the customer.

It is not possible to run a successful business without completely knowing the customer.
    Productivity increases manifold. Sales team will use their time more efficiently and more effectively. The managers will also become more efficient and more effective. This increased productivity can create a competitive advantage in many ways, such as listed below:

    "Increased Employee Satisfaction."
    "Improved Productivity & quality of delivery."
    "Higher customer satisfaction & revenue."
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    Presenting reports which you can generate from the system every morning, enabling you to direct your business with complete and most accurate information.

    1. Sales Prospects Summary Reports
    2. Sales Prospects Funnel Reports (Hot, Cold, Exploratory)
    3. Sales Projection Reports (Weekly, Monthly, Bimonthly)
    4. Target v/s Achievement Report
    5. Complaint Status Reports
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